Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dirty Feet • No More Radio

Dear dedicated Movement Museum fans,

Our new podcast is up and running, so if you would like to continue to hear great weekly, audio episodes dedicated to dialogue about dance, you need to check out the brand new Dirty Feet podcast as a part of the No More Radio network.

We already have two episodes posted, one on Dance Journalism, and the second on Short&Sweet #9. Don't miss out!

See you on our other site!

Take care,

Allison Burns, J.D. Papillon and Jenn Doan

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Final Episode

Dear Montréal,

The Movement Museum team has been busy bees preparing for the transition from CKUT radio to our brand new podcast, Dirty Feet! However, we haven’t been too busy to bring you a stellar last episode of Movement Museum.

We invite dance artist Thea Patterson into the studio. She is an assistant to the creation of Peter Trosztmer’s EESTI: Myths and Machines. The show is being presented as a part of the Tangente season this weekend. She tells us about the creative process of the show, what it is like to work with Peter, and her own creative path.

Next up J.D. and Allison run through some reviews from the week before starting with Trois Romances (Grand Singe, Belle Manière and Mygale) a retrospective of Nicolas Cantin’s work presented at Usine C. The show was chilling, and difficult to describe, however I think we did a pretty good job! You can also read Allison’s review of the show on Bloody Underrated.

Next up Allison reviews Diptych by José Navas/Compagnie Flak, which was presented as a part of the Danse Danse season. Then Allison also reviews Fente-toi! by Isabelle Boulanger & Dans le cercle by Sarah-Ève Grant. This was a Tangente presentation. You may remember Sarah-Ève Grant from two weeks ago when she visited Movement Museum for an interview.

Diptych, photo credit: Valerie Simmons

As we mention at the end of the show, and the beginning of this post, this was our last live broadcast with CKUT. Starting next week the whole current Movement Museum team will be participating in a new, independent dance podcast, Dirty Feet, with the all-new No More Radio network. Don’t miss a week of dance discourse – when you are hungry for some good dance conversation next week, we’ll have our very first Dirty Feet podcast ready for your listening pleasure on November 21st. Until the new website goes officially goes live, you can keep in touch with us via our Dirty Feet facebook page.

Our show from NOVEMBER 15th, 2012


Until next week… on Dirty Feet!

Allison Burns, J.D. Papillon and Jenn Doan

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dirty Feet Podcast

Attention Montréal!

The team of co-hosts here at Movement Museum, whom you know and love, are making some big moves. Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon are spreading our wings and launching a new dance podcast called Dirty Feet. We will be hosted by the all new No More Radio podcast network.

Stay tuned for more information, and look out for our very first episode on the topic of Dance Journalism being released on Wednesday, November 21st. In the meantime, check out our Dirty Feet facebook page.

Much Love,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big News

We are announcing some BIG NEWS on the show this week. It has something to do with Dirty Feet... podcasting and shaking things up!

Allison Burns, J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and new contributor Joannie Pharand 
speak about the new project with organizer Paul Aflalo

Also, we will be interviewing Peter Trosztmer about the work he is remounting at Tangente, EESTI : Myths and Machines so tune in at CKUT 90.3FM or download the podcast from iTunes or right here at

Until tomorrow,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Angelique A'llure & Reviews

Dear Montréal,

The Movement Museum team has been busy running around to see dance shows, and as a result we have plenty of reviews for your listening pleasure this week. We start with Les mêmes yeux que toi by Anne Plamondon, which was presented by Agora this weekend. J.D. and Allison talk about their perspectives on the show, and we play a snippet of the sound track from the production.

Anne Plamondon, photo credit: Michael Slobodian

Next Karen gives us a detailed review of Usually Beauty Fails by Frédérick Gravel / GAG presented by Danse Danse. We also talk about Frédérick Gravel’s work in general, and what kind of artist he is.

In the second half of the show we spoke on the phone with Angelique A'llure, a performer with Acme Burlesque. She is a singer and burlesque performer who recently traveled to Montréal all the way from Australia.

Seska Lee presents Acme Burlesque 

After our interview we have time for one more review. J.D. and Allison talk about the rock and roll contemporary dance show, Political Mother by the Hofesh Shecter Company. The show was also a Danse Danse production. You can see Allison’s written review of the piece on the Bloody Underrated website.

Political Mother by the Hofesh Shechter Company - Danse Dance

Stay tuned for next week’s show, we have some pretty big news to announce!

Our show from NOVEMBER 8th, 2012


Bye for now,

Allison Burns, J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and Karen Fennell

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sarah-Ève Grant & Cirquantique

Dear Montréal,

This week J.D leads an interview with Sarah-Ève Grant, en Français. Sarah-Ève is the choreographer and performer of Dans le cercle, a contemporary dance piece being presented by Tangente next week in a double bill along side Isabelle Boulanger’s Fente toi!

Danse le cercle, photo credit: Maxime Pronovost

Next, Allison leads an interview with a pair of guests from Cirquantique’s production of Bang! Bang! We welcome in studio, co-producer and performer Esmeralda, along with another performer in the show, David Louch. Their production combines circus, burlesque, and by the sounds of it, a whole lot more.

Colonial, photo credit: Jerome Bonto

Before we say goodbye J.D. and Allison do a team review Colonial by Filipino-Canadian artist, Alvin Erasga Tolentino. The show played at the MAI last weekend.

Our show from NOVEMBER 1st, 2012


Bye for now,

Allison Burns, J.D. Papillon and Karen Fennell

Thursday, October 25, 2012

CKUT Funding Drive

CKUT - the radio station that hosts Movement Museum is having its annual Funding Drive. The Funding Drive is a 10-day telethon, taking place from Oct. 25th to Nov. 4th.  For more information, check it out the CKUT website!

Ashlea Watkin interview & reviews

Dear Montréal,

Ashlea Watkin is performing in two out of three of Nicolas Cantin’s Trois Romance pieces next month at Usine C.  We have a little chat with her about the project, and her career as a dance artist here in Montréal.

Trois Romance, photo credit: Nicolas Cantin

After the interview, Jenn rants about the White Wave Dance Festival in NYC. She just came back from New York after participating specifically in the Wave Rising Series, and shares her experience with us.

Allison and J.D. do a team review the still running Une idée sinon vraie… by Marc Boivin in collaboration with composer Ana Sokolović and the musicians of the Quatuor Bozzini.  The show is playing at Agora this weekend.

 Une idée sinon vraie… photo credit: Michael Slobodian

J.D. then puts Snakeskins by Benoit Lachambre to rest with a final, full review. I get the impression that he really liked this show.  It was presented at Usine C earlier in October, and since then, he hasn’t stopped talking about it!

Snakeskins, photo credit: Christine Rose Divito

To finish off this episode, Allison does a review of Tête à tête by Stéphane Gladyszewki.  The work was presented as a part of the Festival du nouveau cinéma last weekend.

Our show from OCTOBER 25th, 2012


Until next time,

J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and Allison Burns

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Andrew Tay, Gabrielle Coulter & Reviews

During the first half of the show we spoke with Andrew Tay, who has been very busy this past summer. Andrew spent time in Europe with DanceWeb as a part of the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna. Next he was off to Berlin for the Tanz im festival. After giving us the inside scoop on these experiences, he tells us about another project he managed to fit in this summer. He co-choreographed chapter 4 of Les Chemins Invisibles, the Cirque du Soleil event presented in Quebec City. For the event he worked alongside his long-time collaborator Sasha Kleinplatz.

Gabrielle Coulter chimes in after the break to introduce herself as an artist to the listening audience (the last time we had her in studio was during our Queer Artists Episode back in August).  Then she tells us about a few events coming up that she is involved in.  We are grateful for her coming in an expanding our horizons.  She promises to post all that info on our facebook page, so check it out.

Quiet - photo by: Gadi Dagan

Next J.D reviews Quiet (2009), choreographed by Arkadi Zaides.  The show was presented at the MAI last weekend.

To finish up, J.D. & Allison talk about The Tempest Replica in a little more detail.  This was the show that Crystal Pite choreographed, and her company, Kidd Pivot present at Agora last weekend to a sold out audience.

Our show from OCTOBER 18th, 2012


Take care,

J.D. Papillon and Allison Burns

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Israeli Episode: Arkadi Zaides, Zohar Melinek & Mary St-Amand Williamson

Dear Montréal,

This week we had a happy accident in programing and had two different guests from Israel in for interviews.  The first was Arkadi Zaides, the choreographer of Quiet (2009).  The show, which is on a world tour, is touching down in Montréal at the MAI for two nights only.  You can catch the show this weekend on October 12th and 13th at 8pm.  We host a sweet interview with a generous guest.

Jenn Doan & Arkadi Zaides

Next we just had to plug two great shows happening in the city this weekend.  First Jenn and Allison gush about Crystal Pite’s company Kidd Pivot presenting The Tempest Replica.  The show is playing at Agora, but we will spare you the details since the show is already sold out for the weekend.  So you lucky ducks who already have tickets, enjoy!  You can read Allison’s review of the show at Bloody Underrated.

The Tempest Replica - Photo: Jorg Baumann

J.D. then urges us to see Benoît Lachambre’s faux-solo, Snakeskins.  You can catch the show at Usine C at 8pm on the evenings of the 11th and the 12th.  He’ll be giving us a more in-depth review next week.

Zohar Melinek, Mary St-Amand Williamson & J.D. Papillon

The second interview during today’s episode was with a duo of multi-talented, interdisciplinary artists, Zohar Melinek and Mary St-Amand Williamson.  They are funny, heavy, political and intelligent.  It is a very full twenty-minute discussion.  You can learn more about their projects at

Our show from OCTOBER 11th, 2012


Take care,

J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and Allison Burns

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adam Kinner & Roque review

Dear Montréal,

We spoke with the inspirational Adam Kinner today on Movement Museum.  Adam is a musician who has discovered dance and is running wild with this new passion of his.  He is currently working on his graduate degree at Concordia, he is participating in the Danses Buissonnières - Classe 2012 with his piece I’m faking it, and has plenty of other projects on the go.  He also shares with us a couple of his great music tracks.

We let the interview run long since Adam was such a pleasure to talk to, and then turned out attention to a team review/debate of Manuel Roque’s Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde.  The show was presented at Tangente on the weekend of September 20th.  You can catch our interview with Manuel during our episode from that week.  Allison and J.D. have very different tastes in dance, and it’s always fun to discuss a show we’ve both seen!

Our show from OCTOBER 4th, 2012


Until next week,

J.D. Papillon and Allison Burns

Monday, October 1, 2012

Justin Gionet & Solitudes solo

Dear Montréal,

This week Jenn and J.D. interview Justin Gionet who performed in Daniel Léveillé Danse’s Solitudes solo at Agora over the weekend.  Justin tells us about his personal history, his experience working with Daniel Léveillé and the show.  The conversation takes a more general turn and a discussion about dance as a product evolves.

J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and Justin Gionet

Then J.D. reviews the very show we’ve been talking about.  He gives us a good idea of what Solitudes solo has to offer an audience.

Next up is dance news and dance calendar.  We cover the upcoming events Journées de la culture, Festival Phénomena (formerly Festival Voix d’Amériques), and Studio 7.  We also mention a couple call for submissions from Bouge d’ici and Vue sur la relève.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 27th, 2012


Until next week,

J.D. Papillon and Jenn Doan

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Manuel Roque & show reviews!

Dear Montréal,

This week we had a wonderful bilingual interview with Manuel Roque. Roque is the Choreographer and one of the performers in his new work Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde.  Tangente and festival Quartier Danses are presenting the piece this week.

After the break Jenn reviews Josée Gagnon’s Entre flamme et fumée.  Josée was a guest on our August 23rd episode, and is a voice and movement artist who presented this work in a yoga studio.

Then Allison and Jenn review Raoul, a unique production by the grandson of Charlie Chaplin, James Thierrée.

To come full circle back to festival Quartiers Danses, J.D. reviews the ups and downs of the festival showcase, An evening with emerging artists.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salsa Descalza, Bouge d’ici and more!

Hello Montréal,

Carmen Ruiz and Andrea Nińo from Salsa Descalza came on the show to tell us all about their spicy project.  It’s a figurative stew of various ingredients including dance, theatre and music featuring “gypsy melodies and afro-Colombian rhythms.”  We talk about how the project works, and their live events one of which is coming up tomorrow night at Sala Rossa.  We even play a track to get you in the mood.

Andrea Nińo, Carmen Ruiz and J.D. Papillon

After the break we have Amy Blackmore, Artistic Director of Bouge d’ici in to explain the organization, festival and promote the call for submissions to Common Space/L'Espace Commun.  Allison is also involved in the project, and helps to explain and inspire.

Amy Blackmore, J.D Papillon and Allison Burns

We end the show with a quick dance calendar covering Raoul, the Montréal Flamenco Festival and Quartier Danses Festival.  It’s the time to start seeing some shows!

Our show from SEPTEMBER 13th 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Monday, September 10, 2012

Common Space 2013: Call for Submissions

Dear Montréal,

It's that time of year when Bouge d'ici begins the search for emerging dance artists to compose our 2013 Common Space/L'Espace Commun Showcase.  Anyone and everyone is invited to apply!  See the Bouge d'ici website to find more information, and submit your application.

Good luck on behalf of Allison Burns and the entire Bouge d'ici planning committee,

Amy Blackmore, Paul Aflalo, Holly Greco, Heather Keiller, Dominic Roussel, Vanessa Kneale and Michele Slattery

L'Espace Commun/Common Space
Janvier 2013

L'Espace Commun/Common Space est un événement regroupant des œuvres chorégraphiques ré-imaginées mises en scène par des artistes émergents et présenté par Bouge d'ici.

DATE LIMITE POUR LA DEMANDE : Lundi 8 octobre 2012 à 18h
SOUMISSION:  Soumettez en linge le formulaire avec CV d’artiste et documentation video.

L'ESPACE COMMUN/COMMON SPACE L'Espace Commun/Common Space offre l’opportunité aux nouveaux chorégraphes de ré-imaginer et retravailler une courte création chorégraphique avec l’aide d’un mentor et le soutien du festival de danse Bouge d’ici. L’événement des artistes émergents sera présenté en janvier 2013. Les chorégraphes retenus présenteront leur œuvre lors d’un minimum de quatre représentations pendant le festival Bouge d’ici.

Les créations soumises doivent avoir été déjà présentées. Les nouvelles œuvres ne sont pas admissibles. Par conséquent, le projet proposé doit connaitre une évolution pour arriver au produit final présenté dans le cadre de l’événement. Les présentations doivent durer un maximum de dix minutes. Bouge d'ici sera responsable de tous ce qui est relié à la réalisation, incluant la publicité, les aspects techniques, la billetterie, etc. Il n’y a pas de frais pour les artistes participants à cet événement.

Des questions?
N’hésitez pas à nous contacter:


Common Space/L'Espace Commun
January 2013

Common Space/ L'Espace Commun is a showcase of remounted choreographic works presented by emerging artists brought to you by Bouge d'ici.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6PM Monday, October 8th, 2012
SUBMISSION Please fill in our online application form, including your artists CV, and your video documentation.

Common Space/L'Espace Commun provides an opportunity for aspiring and up-and-coming choreographers to remount and re-work a short choreographic work with the help of a mentor and the support of the Bouge d'ici Dance Festival.  This emerging artists showcase will be presented in January 2013. Selected choreographers will present their work in a minimum of four shows during the Bouge d'ici Dance Festival.

Proposed works must have a previous history of presentation. New works are not eligible. Correspondingly, the proposed project must undergo a development from its previous form to the final product presented as part of the performance. The resulting pieces must be no more than 10 minutes in length. Bouge d'ici will be responsible for all aspects of production, including publicity, technical aspects, box office, etc. There is no cost to the artist to be a part of this showcase.

Please don't hesitate to contact us:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dena Davida, Tangente & l'Atelier choréographic des Grands Ballets

Dear Montréal,

This week on Movement Museum we started with a show review.  Two weeks ago, on August 23rd we had Andrew Skeels from Les Grands Ballets de Montréal on to talk about the project À Suivre… l’Atelier choréographic des Grands Ballets Canadien de Montréal.  This project gives the company’s dancers an opportunity to choreograph their own work and present it in a showcase.  J.D. reports back on the show, and encourages us all to attend next year.

On to the future, Allison and J.D. offer up some interesting events and shows for Dance Calendar coming up this month.

In the second half hour of the show Dena Davida, Co-artistic and co-executive director of Tangente, joined us in studio.  We had a delightful interview with her about Tangente’s mandate, and it’s role in the lives of emerging and innovative artists.  We also get the scoop on their future plans to settle down in their very own space.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 6th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns and J.D. Papillon

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scottish Country Dancing

Dear Montréal,

This week we interviewed two members of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society’s Montréal branch, Adriana Linden and Kachina Allen.  These two ladies talk us through what Scottish Country dance looks like, how the community works, and why it is better than sex!

Once you are won over to the benefits of Scottish Country dancing, be sure to join us on September 11th for their open event, a Night of Scottish Music and Dance!

Kachina Allen and Adriana Linden join J.D. and Allison in studio

Our show from AUGUST 30th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Josée Gagnon and Andrew Skeels

Dear Montréal,

Today was double Interview day on Movement Museum.  We broke the episode into two separate half hour interviews, each with a unique flavor.

In the first half hour Jenn introduces us to Josée Gagnon, a movement and vocal artist.  This multi-talented artist shares some of her experiences and insights with us, and promotes her upcoming show.  You can catch her show, Entre Flamme et Fumée, at Yoga de l’Éveil from August 29th, 30th and the 31st at 8:30pm.  We followed the interview with one of Josée’s tracks, Mois d'août.

Josée Gagnon and Jenn Doan

In the second half of the show J.D. interviews Andrew Skeels, a dancer for Les Grands Ballets de Montréal and one of the choreographers of the Atelier chorégraphiques des Grands Ballets.  Andrew talks about the project, which is an opportunity for the company’s performers to explore their own choreographic process as well as different aspects of producing a show.  The performance is free, and runs next weekend, check it out!  We also talk to Andrew about his experience with Les Grands Ballets, and his career in general.

Andrew Skeels and J.D. Papillon

Our show from AUGUST 23rd, 2012


Until next week dance enthusiasts!

Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Calgary Connection

Dear Montréal, Calgary and beyond,

This week we spoke with three artists representing a sample of the migration of dancers from Calgary to Montreal.  We had Christie Cunningham, Caroline Lady C Fraser and Melina Stinson in studio with us.  Our very own Jenn Doan hails from Calgary herself and led a discussion about this popular movement, the contrast and comparison of the two dance scenes in these two cities, and our guests’ personal journeys and projects.

Our show from AUGUST 16th, 2012


We'll be talking at you next week,

Jenn Doan, Allison Burns and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Queer artist episode!

Dear Montréal,

August is Pride Month here in Montréal, and this week we had our much-anticipated queer artist round-table discussion.  We had four wonderful dance artists talk about their views and experiences identifying as a queer artist and/or a queer-identified artist.  This eloquent group composed of George Stamos, Gabrielle Coulter, Phil Fortin and Simon Vermeulen joined us in studio.  It was a unique collection of individuals, and an endlessly interesting discussion.

Allison, George, J.D., Simon, Gabrielle and Phil 
(Jenn's the photographer)

Our show from AUGUST 9th, 2012


Wear your rainbows with pride!

J.D. Papillon, Allison Burns and Jenn Doan

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quartier Latin, Dance Your PhD and more!

Dear Montréal,

This week on the radio show we explore some new territory by having professional Latin dancer Alina Litvak on the show.  We talk to her about the Latin & ballroom dance studio she started with her partner Maxim Fomin, Quartier Latin.  We also quiz her about the different dance styles they deal with, and the life of a competitive dancer.

In the second half hour Jenn tells us about an amazing contest inviting scholars to create a dance video representation of their doctoral thesis.  J.D. chimes in that you can see great Ted talk titled Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal by the very same John Bohannon who organizes the Dance Your PhD contest.

We then move into some heavier news about the Canadian Conference of the Arts funding loss, and a general discussion about the future of arts funding.

Before we sign off, Jenn takes the opportunity to plug her upcoming show as a part of Studio Fleur D’asphalte’s Les Performance de la mi-lune on August 4th.  Look out for her company, Woo Me Myth.

J.D. also has a performance coming up with Glam Glam Productions as a part of Diver/cité.  On that note, tune in next week for our roundtable discussion with some wonderful queer artists!

Our show from AUGUST 2nd, 2012


Until next week,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Love Dance

Dear Montreal and beyond,

J.D. Papilion is our newest co-host, and you’ve heard him on air with us for the past few weeks.  We take the opportunity this week to properly introduce him, and discover his background, inspirations and interests.  Welcome to the team J.D.!

Next Jenn tells us about the Canadian Dance Assembly and their new national campaign, I Love Dance.  Their goal is to increase the visibility and support of the dance industry in the context of Canadian culture.  They are launching the I Love Dance Awards in Ottawa in October.  There are a ton of categories, and you are welcome to submit your nominations anytime before September of this year, so go to their website and make sure that credit is given where it us due.

Then we talk about the upcoming Agora 2012 Fall Season.  There is a lot to get excited about, and Allison gives her perspective on what to look out for.

After that, Jenn list some Canadian dance award winners mentioned in The Dance Current.  It’s important to recognize amazing work and artists, and give them encouragement to keep creating.  Congratulations to all the award recipients!

We finished off this episode with Allison and J.D.’s highlights for the upcoming Tangente 2012-2013 Season.  We just can’t wait!

Our show from JULY 26th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wrap ups, apps and dance news

Dear devoted listeners,

Thank you for our patience as we continue to go through Fringe reviews.  This week we finally finished covering all the dance and movement theater productions of the 2012 Montréal Fringe Festival.  J.D. and Allison start with a review of Sex T-Rex Presents Callaghan!  Next Allison covers The Last Man on Earth, 7 Pupilles de feu, The Upshot and Re-Humanize me.

After the break J.D. tells us about Music Theater Montreal’s production of Cabaret, which was playing here in June and July.

Then, to finish up our coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque, Allison pulls out a review of Petit Mal by the Race Horse Company.  Last week we spoke with the acrobat Petri Tuominen on the phone about the show.

Jenn and J.D. fill us in on some relevant dance news.  First things first, join us in the future and download the RQD app!  That’s right, Québec Danse is now mobile, and you can learn more about it on the RQD website.

After you’ve downloaded that, check out Healthy Dancer Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing together members of the dance community and health professionals to de-bunk myths and enhance the well-being of dance artists.

J.D. talks a bit about the much-anticipated Maison de la danse à Québec, and the dance scene in general in Québec city.  Jenn also references the Dance Current, which is a wonderful dance news resource.  Stay informed Montréal!

Our show from JULY 19th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Friday, July 13, 2012

…even more MMC and fringe!

Hello circus city,

As you may have predicted, this week features even more coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque.  An incredible festival in tribute to the large and vibrant circus community here in Montréal, which features both local and international artists.

To start off the program, Petri Tuominen joins us on the phone for an interview.  Petri is a part of Race Horse Company, and they are presenting the show Petit Mal as a part of the festival.

Then, staying on theme, J.D. reviews a couple of MCC shows.  He starts with La Soirée, featuring last week’s guest Ursula Martinez.  Second, he reviews Undermän by Cirkus Cirkör, a show he gave us the description of during the last episode.

After that we move on to cover a few more Montréal Fringe dance shows. Allison and J.D. start by discussing Body Slam.  Then Allison reviews 4kg, Tuque et Capuche and Ensemble ou séparés, je me souviendrai de toi!.  There are more fringe reviews on the way!

Our show from JULY 12th, 2012

Keep it cool mtl,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Friday, July 6, 2012

More MCC circus & fringe reviews

Dearest Montréal,

As promised, we are continuing our month-long coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque this week with another interview with a circus artist involved in the festival.

We chatted with Ursula Martinez, a guest from the UK company, La Soirée presenting a show of the same name.  Ursula is originally from Spain, and is all at once a writer, an actress and a cabaret performer.  She tells us about the inner workings of La Soirée and her “cult striptease act.”  You can still catch the show until July 15th, and if you need further persuasion there is an excellent promo video available at the MCC site.

In the second half hour of the show we begin to tackle our pile of Montréal Fringe dance show reviews.  Of course it is necessary to start off with a shout out to the shows some of us were involved in, Eeny Meeny Miny and Keep the car running.  Once that is out of the way Allison reviews Le Projet Migration, Sora and Ethereal Tribal.  J.D. joins in for a feisty discussion/review of Wolves and Selves, and the two of them finish off with a review Mangeons Pierrot.  We can’t wait to finish the list next week!

Our show from JULY 5th, 2012


Stay tuned,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Agora in 2012-2013

Hello beautiful and hot Montréal,

Agora's autuom 2012 season plans are out in detail, as well as the names and dates for 2013.  I suggest that you invest some time on their website to sift through descriptions and videos of upcoming works so that you do not miss out on something special.

As I have said before (and will probably say again) you can also check out this cool blog that I write for called Bloody Underrated for my perspective on the Agora season.

Keep cool Montréal,

Allison Burns

Monday, July 2, 2012

Montréal is Totally Circus!

Montréal you're a circus!

As we approach July, TOHU begins to buzz with the activity surrounding Montréal Complètement Cirque, a huge circus festival right in here in our circus crazy city.  The festival, which started in 2004, showcases and promotes a wide array of circus art forms from homegrown artists and companies from all around the world.  For the next three weeks we will be doing a Movement Museum Circus Special; covering, interviewing, and reviewing circus.

One of MCC’s strongest supporters, the contemporary circus company, Les 7 doigts de la main, is presenting a show this year.  Fittingly the company’s eighth show is titled Séquence 8.  Eric Bates, a cigar box juggler, joins us by phone to tell us about his skill, and the piece as a whole.

After the interview, Karen and J.D. take their time describing the 2012 edition of Piss in the Pool.  I felt like I’d seen it by the end of their thorough review.  This 8th edition of Piss in the Pool featured the choreographers Virginie Brunelle, Sarah-Eve Grant, Dana Michel, 2boystv, Dorion Nuskind-Odor, Hélène Messier, and Leila Gaudin (France).

Then Karen squeezes in her quick and extremely positive review of Mélanie Demers’ FTA show, Goodbye.  On that note… goodbye for now!

Our show from JUNE 28th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Karen Fennell and Jean-Daniel Papillon

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tangente in 2012-2012

A brief hello to you Montréal,

As I have mentioned on air for the past few weeks, it is season launch time!  Tangente has released it's 2012-2013 season plans, and you can find them on their beautiful website.

You can also check out this cool blog that I write for called Bloody Underrated for my take on what to expect this upcoming season.  Enjoy!

Thanks for playing,

Allison Burns

Piss in the Pool and More Fringe 2012

Dear Montréal summer festival enthusiasts,

It’s a full time job keeping up with all the events that occur during the summer here in Montréal.  This week Movement Museum concentrates on a couple of dance-related ones.

Again this week we invited artists who are presenting dance, movement pieces, physical theater, clown shows etc. as a part of the St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival.  For the first half hour Jenn and Karen discuss where our various guests come from, what was the inspiration for their show, and why we should be excited about seeing it.

  • From the epic ten-member cast belly dance production Ethereal Tribal, Susan Snyder and director Tanner Harvey join us. 
  • Johanne Gour introduces us to her duet Ensemble ou separes, je me souviendrais de toi! a 30min duet she has choreographed for the festival.
  • Erin Robinsong & Andréa de Keijzer from the company Gold Ink Mouth talk about their contemporary dance show, Wolves & Selves, playing at Bain St-Michel.
  • Divertimento associates, Émilie Barrette, Magaly Gates and Alessandra Rigano have collaborated on the production Sora.  Émilie and Magaly tell us all about it.
  • Choreographer Paige Krause and composer Philippe Landry come all the way from Louisiana to share their work with us, I'VE STOPPED HAVING THAT DREAM I'VE BEEN HAVING.
  • Last but not least, we are joined by the collaborators of  En Long & In Short, Anik Matern and Claire Jacques.  These ladies have created a bilingual play with an exciting dance finale!

In the second half hour this week we turned out attention to a different, much anticipated annual event.  Its time again for Piss in the Pool, created by Wants&Needs danse.  We are joined in studio with two of the 2012 edition’s choreographers, Dorion Nuskind-Odor and Leïla Gaudin (all the way from France).

Before saying goodbye Jenn implores artists and audience members alike to check out the new online listings resource, Where are the shows?

Our show from JUNE 21st, 2012


Until next time,

Jenn Doan and Karen Fennell

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Movement @ the 2012 Montréal Fringe Festival

Hello Montréal Dance Community!

It’s that time again for one of our favorite annual events, The St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival!  It’s the 22nd edition of the ever growing, never pretentious, multi-disciplinary festival.  Although you can see theater, music and visual arts at the Fringe, we are concentrating on the dance and movement related shows here on Movement Museum.  This week and next the studio will be filled with artists who are presenting dance, movement pieces, physical theater, clown shows etc. as a part of the festival.

In this episode Jenn and Allison facilitate a conversation between fourteen of these artists.  We ask them why they chose to present their shows at Fringe, discover the inspiration behind each project and the allure of the end results.  The companies throw out their pitches, and their personal show recommendations.

  • We talk with Greg “Krypto” Selinger and two of his collaborators Travis and Vincent, from the multi-disciplinary show Body Slam.  This will be year two for Body Slam, which walked away with a couple of awards last Fringe.
  • Colin Munch and Caitlyn tell us about the comedy, Callaghan! by Sex T-Rex. This troupe of five performers incorporates physical theater and a dance scene choreographed by Robin Henderson into the show.
  • Choreographer Gelymar Sanchez talks about Mangeons Pierrot a work she co-created with fellow UQAM graduate Karine Theoret.
  • Next Christine Germain, Slater Penney and Maria Candelaria tell us the real life story behind Le Projet Migration.  It is sweet, political and intriguing.
  • Sebastien Heins tells us about his third of the show The UPSHOT, a unique “Hip Hopera.”
  • Jean-Daniel Papillon tells us about two shows he is involved in.  The first, Corps Chorus’ Keep the Car Running, was choreographed by Cassandre Lescarbeau, and had its fringe debut last year in Saguenay.
  • JD is also representing Eeny, Meeny, Miny, a co-production between (Correspondence) and Confabulation.  The show is a life-sized card game for a troupe of six dancers, and a new storyteller every night.  It revolves around childhood memories and behaviors and involves social drinking.  I should probably also mention that I - Allison Burns - happen to be dancing in the show.
  • Our friend Yanomi and her collaborators return from Japan to tell us about their new show, My Exploding Family.  The show promises comical movement theater, and bypasses any language barrier.

Tune in next week for more Fringe coverage.  Have a happy Fringe!

Our show from JUNE 14th, 2012

Take care,

Allison Burns and Jenn Doan

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yemayo and Herencias

Hello movement driven world,

This week on the show, Karen and Allison interview Farah Fancy, the production director of the show Yemayo, created by Julio Hong.  The show ran at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), in collaboration with Festival Accès Asie, from May 3-5th.

Farah and Julio also have a relatively new company together, Le Groupe Herencias.  The discussion spans many different topics including the production, dance classes, youth workshops, dance therapy etc.  At the moment, the best way to contact either of them about their endeavors and projects if either to send an email through Julio’s website, or give Farah a call (she mentions the number in the episode, so you’ll have to listen to get it!)

We also build on what we started last week when we talked about International Dance Day (April 29th) and the premiere of Québec Danse Week (April 23rd-29th).  Celebrate with us, and dance like nobody’s watching!

Our show from APRIL 26th, 2012


Until next week,

Allison Burns and Karen Fennell

Thursday, May 3, 2012

UQÀM Student choreographic creation

Hello dance enthusiasts,

This week on the show the young Zoe Martine Olivier joined us.  Zoe is finishing up her third and final year in the choreography division of the UQÀM Danse Department.  This week the department is presenting three works created by graduating choreography students in a showcase being presented at Agora.

Seeing as UQÀM is a French university the majority of our interview is conducted in French, stretching Karen and Allison’s capacity in the language, but making for some eloquent responses from our guest.  Being Concordia Dance graduates, we grill Zoe about the inner workings of the UQÀM Danse Department, and her experiences leading up to the show (running from April 18th-21st.)  She was working in collaboration with two other students, Karine Théorêt and Marie-Ève Tremblay on a 25 minute work titled, Tant que la tête reste sur le corps.

We also let you know a bit about what is happening this week in the dance world in Montreal.  International Dance Day is officially recognized as April 29th, and this year is the first ever Québec Danse week (running from April 23rd-29th).  We go over in broad terms what that means to dance enthusiasts and the general public alike, so check it out next year if you missed it this go-around.

Our show from APRIL 19th, 2012


Take care,
Allison Burns and Karen Fennell

Monday, April 30, 2012

Muriva Dance, Muriva chats


This week on the radio we have Gibson Muriva on to tell us about his show, Nyau.  Gibson runs the Muriva Dance Company here in Montreal. He teaches classes, dances and choreographs while blending, African, contemporary and classical dance forms into his own, unique style. Not only do we chat a bit about all of this, his creation process and his background, but Gibson also brought his thumb piano from Zimbabwe and plays a bit of music for us, live. The show he is presenting this week is a part of the Festival Vue sur la Relève.

Next, Allison reviews the triple bill, Yaado, Voodoo and Love, which was presented at Tangente in late February.  If you remember, we interviewed the artists who presented this trilogy of works, Nora Chipaumire and Souleymane Badolo, during our February 23rd episode.

Our show from APRIL 12th, 2012


Until next week!

Allison Burns and Jenn Doan