Thursday, August 9, 2012

Queer artist episode!

Dear Montréal,

August is Pride Month here in Montréal, and this week we had our much-anticipated queer artist round-table discussion.  We had four wonderful dance artists talk about their views and experiences identifying as a queer artist and/or a queer-identified artist.  This eloquent group composed of George Stamos, Gabrielle Coulter, Phil Fortin and Simon Vermeulen joined us in studio.  It was a unique collection of individuals, and an endlessly interesting discussion.

Allison, George, J.D., Simon, Gabrielle and Phil 
(Jenn's the photographer)

Our show from AUGUST 9th, 2012


Wear your rainbows with pride!

J.D. Papillon, Allison Burns and Jenn Doan

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