Friday, March 23, 2012

The "Just Us" Show

Hello dance enthusiasts of Montréal!

This week on the show Allison and Kati get carried away gushing about Crystal Pite, her company Kidd Pivot and her show that is currently running at Agora, The You Show.  Seriously, just go see it.

Then we dedicate some time to current events in the dance world.  Kati talks about some recent developments in the provincial budget as it relates to the dance industry.  Then she tells us about some interesting stats concerning the cultural engagement of the public in different provinces.  Bringing her attention still wider, she talks about the reception and reaction of Québec contemporary choreography in France.  You can find links to the various articles she references bellow:
Le Monde – Danseurs québécois, à poil, au poil
Le Devoir - Distinct, le Québec?
RQD - Budget du Québec
Longeuil - Budget

Next Allison reviews Scary Tales & Broken Hearts, a show produced by Lynsey Billing and Entre-Deux, which was presented at MainLine Theater back in February.

Finally, Kati tells us about her incredible experience witnessing Hora choreographed by Ohad Naharin.  This Danse Danse production was presented at Théâtre Maisonneuve, and performed by the Batsheva Dance Company earlier this month.

Our show from MARCH 22nd, 2012


Until next week!

Allison Burns and Kati Belanger

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Edgy and Artistic Women

Dearest Montréal,

Today marks the opening of the 19th annual Edgy Women festival.  In honor of this event we talk with three of the talented ladies involved in the festival during this episode.  The director of the festival, and of Studio 303, Miriam Ginestier, lets us in on the history of Edgy Women, it’s goals and what to look out for this year.  The festival runs from March 15th-April 1st in various locations around the plateau.

One of the headlining productions, In Succube, was created and is performed by Andréane Leclerc and Holly Gauthier-Frankel, both of whom joined us this week.  Holly (a.k.a Miss Sugarpuss) is an actor, signer and burlesque performer.  Andréane is a circus and cabaret performer and contortionist.  There is no doubt that the collaboration between the two of them will be edgy and deal with femininity.

After the break, Allison reviews Deborah Dunn’s Orlando.  The show is currently running at Agora (until Saturday, March 17th) so if you like what you hear you can still catch the show.

Then Jenn reviews Love Death Devil – The Piece by Ben J. Riepe Kopaine, presented at La Chapelle.  Unfortunately the run of that show is already over, but if you are intrigued you can listen to last week’s episode (March 8th) to hear our interview with Ben.

Our show from MARCH 15th, 2012



We’ll see you next week!

Allison Burns and Jenn Doan

Friday, March 9, 2012

Love, Death, Devil & Grandeur Nature

Hello dance lovers,

This week we split our show in two.  In the first half hour Jenn interviews Ben J. Riepe Kopaine, the choreographer of Love Death Devil – The Piece, presented at La Chapelle.  Benefiting from having seeing the show beforehand, Jenn gets right into the work with Ben.

For the second half hour we switch to French and Kati and Karen interview Séverine Lombardo, the choreographer of Petites Pieces de Poches:  Grandeur Nature.  This work was presented by Danse-cité at Usine C.  Also recent witnesses of the work, the ladies talk logistics as well as process.

We top off the show today with a super-fast “micro-review” of last week’s Tangente presentation of Spin & Century of Small.  To learn more about that show, reference last week’s episode of Movement Museum when we interview the artists involved.

Our show from MARCH 8th, 2012


Until next week Montréal,

Allison Burns, Kati Belanger, Jenn Doan and Karen Fennell

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whirling and hoops

Dearest Montreal,

We continue our Tangente marathon in this episode of Movement Museum as we interview two artists involved in this week's Tangente production, which is again a double bill.  Rebecca Halls is the choreographer and performer of Spin, and Raqib Brian Burke is a performer in Mira Hunter’s work Century of Small.  We discuss the difference and similarities of hula hooping and whirling dervish.  It is a dizzying conversation!

If you are interested in hearing the interview we referenced, from the last time Rebecca Halls was in studio with Movement Museum check it out here.

Our show from MARCH 1st, 2012



Allison Burns, Kati Belanger and Jenn Doan