Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love, Voodoo and Yaado

Dear Montréal,

This week's episode of Movement Museum was pretty amazing if I may say so myself. Kati interviews Nora Chipaumire and Souleymane Badolo who are presenting three short works Love, Voodoo and Yaado at Monument National as a part of both the Tangente season, and as a part of Ascen/Danses (an event which celebrates contemporary dance/performance by artists of the African diaspora). Both our guest are well spoken, intelligent and passionate individuals, and expose us to some beautiful truths, and their personal feelings.

Near the end of our program Allison reviews the research project presented by Tangente last week, In Limbo. If you tuned in last Thursday you know that we interview the artistic director of the project, Lynda Gaudreau. The two choreographers presenting In Limbo were Marie Claire Forté and Julie Favreau.

Kati does a quick dance history on Katherine Dunham, and as promised here are some links to more information on her. She is an incredible woman, and the two minutes we could spare on her were just not enough!

Our show from FEBRUARY 23rd, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns and Kati Belanger

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everybody Limbo!

Happy almost-spring Montréal!

This week we shook it up by starting with a couple of dance reviews from works presented last week. First, Allison reviews the double bill presented by Tangente, Dans les Plis by Sarah Dell'ava and Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt by Dorian Nuskind-Oder (who we interviewed last week on the show). Then Kati reviews Husk by George Stamos (who we interviewed two weeks ago) presented by Montréal Danse and Agora.

Then Kati interviews Lynda Gaudreau, the artistic director of the upcoming Tangente presentation of In Limbo, opening tonight. Lynda talks about the importance of research for herself, and the choreographers presenting work for this show. The two presenters Lynda mentored are Marie Claire Forté and Julie Favreau.

Our show from FEBRUARY 16th, 2012

Until next week!

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

Friday, February 10, 2012

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Hello bustling dance community!

There was so much going on last week, we packed our hour full to the brim! We spent the first half hour of our episode this week with the lovely and talented Dorian Nuskind-Oder who presented her piece, Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt last week as a part of the Tangente season. The show was a double bill with Sarah Dell'ava's Dans les plis. Dorian talks about her creation, her interest in film, the transition from New York to Montreal, and much more.

After we said goodbye to Dorian, we chatted with Rhodnie Désir over the phone. Rhodnie premiered her production of Ví [REC] at the MAI on the evening of the 9th. She has choreographed the work, and is also signing and dancing in the production.

Then Allison reviewed Les Angèles ces dernier blues by the new collective C'est Juste Lundi. The show played at La Chapelle in January.

Our show from FEBRUARY 9th, 2012

Take care,

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Soak, Bijoux, Ludmilla, Bouge D'ici and more!

Hello Friends!

In the fist half hour of the radio show this week Allison interviews Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, a choreographer who collaborated with Martin Messier on the show Soak, which was presented by Tangente this January.

Kati reviews a production from the company Mandala Sitù Danse, called Bijoux which presented at L'Agora de la Danse this January as well.

Allison talks about the life and achievements of Ludmilla Chiriaeff in dance history this week. If the name sounds familiar it is probably because Chiriaeff is the founder of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.

All three ladies discuss the Bouge D'ici Festival closing night show, and the festival in general. This turns into an interesting conversation about the accessibility of dance.

Our show from JANUARY 26th, 2012


Until next time,

Allison Burns, Kati Belanger and Karen Fennell

Montréal Danse's 25th anniversary


This week, and last Montréal Danse celebrated it's 25th anniversary with two performances at L'Agora de la Danse. The first was a double bill of Jean-Sébastien Lourdais' work Trois Peaux + Vers and the second was Husk by George Stamos.

Last Thursday on Movement Museum we celebrated as well with an hour long interview with Montréal Danse Artistic Director Kathy Casey, and Choreographer George Stamos. Enjoy!

Our show from FEBRUARY 2nd, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger