Friday, February 10, 2012

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Hello bustling dance community!

There was so much going on last week, we packed our hour full to the brim! We spent the first half hour of our episode this week with the lovely and talented Dorian Nuskind-Oder who presented her piece, Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt last week as a part of the Tangente season. The show was a double bill with Sarah Dell'ava's Dans les plis. Dorian talks about her creation, her interest in film, the transition from New York to Montreal, and much more.

After we said goodbye to Dorian, we chatted with Rhodnie Désir over the phone. Rhodnie premiered her production of Ví [REC] at the MAI on the evening of the 9th. She has choreographed the work, and is also signing and dancing in the production.

Then Allison reviewed Les Angèles ces dernier blues by the new collective C'est Juste Lundi. The show played at La Chapelle in January.

Our show from FEBRUARY 9th, 2012

Take care,

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

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