Thursday, September 20, 2012

Manuel Roque & show reviews!

Dear Montréal,

This week we had a wonderful bilingual interview with Manuel Roque. Roque is the Choreographer and one of the performers in his new work Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde.  Tangente and festival Quartier Danses are presenting the piece this week.

After the break Jenn reviews Josée Gagnon’s Entre flamme et fumée.  Josée was a guest on our August 23rd episode, and is a voice and movement artist who presented this work in a yoga studio.

Then Allison and Jenn review Raoul, a unique production by the grandson of Charlie Chaplin, James Thierrée.

To come full circle back to festival Quartiers Danses, J.D. reviews the ups and downs of the festival showcase, An evening with emerging artists.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salsa Descalza, Bouge d’ici and more!

Hello Montréal,

Carmen Ruiz and Andrea Nińo from Salsa Descalza came on the show to tell us all about their spicy project.  It’s a figurative stew of various ingredients including dance, theatre and music featuring “gypsy melodies and afro-Colombian rhythms.”  We talk about how the project works, and their live events one of which is coming up tomorrow night at Sala Rossa.  We even play a track to get you in the mood.

Andrea Nińo, Carmen Ruiz and J.D. Papillon

After the break we have Amy Blackmore, Artistic Director of Bouge d’ici in to explain the organization, festival and promote the call for submissions to Common Space/L'Espace Commun.  Allison is also involved in the project, and helps to explain and inspire.

Amy Blackmore, J.D Papillon and Allison Burns

We end the show with a quick dance calendar covering Raoul, the Montréal Flamenco Festival and Quartier Danses Festival.  It’s the time to start seeing some shows!

Our show from SEPTEMBER 13th 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

Monday, September 10, 2012

Common Space 2013: Call for Submissions

Dear Montréal,

It's that time of year when Bouge d'ici begins the search for emerging dance artists to compose our 2013 Common Space/L'Espace Commun Showcase.  Anyone and everyone is invited to apply!  See the Bouge d'ici website to find more information, and submit your application.

Good luck on behalf of Allison Burns and the entire Bouge d'ici planning committee,

Amy Blackmore, Paul Aflalo, Holly Greco, Heather Keiller, Dominic Roussel, Vanessa Kneale and Michele Slattery

L'Espace Commun/Common Space
Janvier 2013

L'Espace Commun/Common Space est un événement regroupant des œuvres chorégraphiques ré-imaginées mises en scène par des artistes émergents et présenté par Bouge d'ici.

DATE LIMITE POUR LA DEMANDE : Lundi 8 octobre 2012 à 18h
SOUMISSION:  Soumettez en linge le formulaire avec CV d’artiste et documentation video.

L'ESPACE COMMUN/COMMON SPACE L'Espace Commun/Common Space offre l’opportunité aux nouveaux chorégraphes de ré-imaginer et retravailler une courte création chorégraphique avec l’aide d’un mentor et le soutien du festival de danse Bouge d’ici. L’événement des artistes émergents sera présenté en janvier 2013. Les chorégraphes retenus présenteront leur œuvre lors d’un minimum de quatre représentations pendant le festival Bouge d’ici.

Les créations soumises doivent avoir été déjà présentées. Les nouvelles œuvres ne sont pas admissibles. Par conséquent, le projet proposé doit connaitre une évolution pour arriver au produit final présenté dans le cadre de l’événement. Les présentations doivent durer un maximum de dix minutes. Bouge d'ici sera responsable de tous ce qui est relié à la réalisation, incluant la publicité, les aspects techniques, la billetterie, etc. Il n’y a pas de frais pour les artistes participants à cet événement.

Des questions?
N’hésitez pas à nous contacter:


Common Space/L'Espace Commun
January 2013

Common Space/ L'Espace Commun is a showcase of remounted choreographic works presented by emerging artists brought to you by Bouge d'ici.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6PM Monday, October 8th, 2012
SUBMISSION Please fill in our online application form, including your artists CV, and your video documentation.

Common Space/L'Espace Commun provides an opportunity for aspiring and up-and-coming choreographers to remount and re-work a short choreographic work with the help of a mentor and the support of the Bouge d'ici Dance Festival.  This emerging artists showcase will be presented in January 2013. Selected choreographers will present their work in a minimum of four shows during the Bouge d'ici Dance Festival.

Proposed works must have a previous history of presentation. New works are not eligible. Correspondingly, the proposed project must undergo a development from its previous form to the final product presented as part of the performance. The resulting pieces must be no more than 10 minutes in length. Bouge d'ici will be responsible for all aspects of production, including publicity, technical aspects, box office, etc. There is no cost to the artist to be a part of this showcase.

Please don't hesitate to contact us:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dena Davida, Tangente & l'Atelier choréographic des Grands Ballets

Dear Montréal,

This week on Movement Museum we started with a show review.  Two weeks ago, on August 23rd we had Andrew Skeels from Les Grands Ballets de Montréal on to talk about the project À Suivre… l’Atelier choréographic des Grands Ballets Canadien de Montréal.  This project gives the company’s dancers an opportunity to choreograph their own work and present it in a showcase.  J.D. reports back on the show, and encourages us all to attend next year.

On to the future, Allison and J.D. offer up some interesting events and shows for Dance Calendar coming up this month.

In the second half hour of the show Dena Davida, Co-artistic and co-executive director of Tangente, joined us in studio.  We had a delightful interview with her about Tangente’s mandate, and it’s role in the lives of emerging and innovative artists.  We also get the scoop on their future plans to settle down in their very own space.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 6th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns and J.D. Papillon

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Scottish Country Dancing

Dear Montréal,

This week we interviewed two members of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society’s Montréal branch, Adriana Linden and Kachina Allen.  These two ladies talk us through what Scottish Country dance looks like, how the community works, and why it is better than sex!

Once you are won over to the benefits of Scottish Country dancing, be sure to join us on September 11th for their open event, a Night of Scottish Music and Dance!

Kachina Allen and Adriana Linden join J.D. and Allison in studio

Our show from AUGUST 30th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon