Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Love Dance

Dear Montreal and beyond,

J.D. Papilion is our newest co-host, and you’ve heard him on air with us for the past few weeks.  We take the opportunity this week to properly introduce him, and discover his background, inspirations and interests.  Welcome to the team J.D.!

Next Jenn tells us about the Canadian Dance Assembly and their new national campaign, I Love Dance.  Their goal is to increase the visibility and support of the dance industry in the context of Canadian culture.  They are launching the I Love Dance Awards in Ottawa in October.  There are a ton of categories, and you are welcome to submit your nominations anytime before September of this year, so go to their website and make sure that credit is given where it us due.

Then we talk about the upcoming Agora 2012 Fall Season.  There is a lot to get excited about, and Allison gives her perspective on what to look out for.

After that, Jenn list some Canadian dance award winners mentioned in The Dance Current.  It’s important to recognize amazing work and artists, and give them encouragement to keep creating.  Congratulations to all the award recipients!

We finished off this episode with Allison and J.D.’s highlights for the upcoming Tangente 2012-2013 Season.  We just can’t wait!

Our show from JULY 26th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wrap ups, apps and dance news

Dear devoted listeners,

Thank you for our patience as we continue to go through Fringe reviews.  This week we finally finished covering all the dance and movement theater productions of the 2012 Montréal Fringe Festival.  J.D. and Allison start with a review of Sex T-Rex Presents Callaghan!  Next Allison covers The Last Man on Earth, 7 Pupilles de feu, The Upshot and Re-Humanize me.

After the break J.D. tells us about Music Theater Montreal’s production of Cabaret, which was playing here in June and July.

Then, to finish up our coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque, Allison pulls out a review of Petit Mal by the Race Horse Company.  Last week we spoke with the acrobat Petri Tuominen on the phone about the show.

Jenn and J.D. fill us in on some relevant dance news.  First things first, join us in the future and download the RQD app!  That’s right, Québec Danse is now mobile, and you can learn more about it on the RQD website.

After you’ve downloaded that, check out Healthy Dancer Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing together members of the dance community and health professionals to de-bunk myths and enhance the well-being of dance artists.

J.D. talks a bit about the much-anticipated Maison de la danse à Québec, and the dance scene in general in Québec city.  Jenn also references the Dance Current, which is a wonderful dance news resource.  Stay informed Montréal!

Our show from JULY 19th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Friday, July 13, 2012

…even more MMC and fringe!

Hello circus city,

As you may have predicted, this week features even more coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque.  An incredible festival in tribute to the large and vibrant circus community here in Montréal, which features both local and international artists.

To start off the program, Petri Tuominen joins us on the phone for an interview.  Petri is a part of Race Horse Company, and they are presenting the show Petit Mal as a part of the festival.

Then, staying on theme, J.D. reviews a couple of MCC shows.  He starts with La Soirée, featuring last week’s guest Ursula Martinez.  Second, he reviews Undermän by Cirkus Cirkör, a show he gave us the description of during the last episode.

After that we move on to cover a few more Montréal Fringe dance shows. Allison and J.D. start by discussing Body Slam.  Then Allison reviews 4kg, Tuque et Capuche and Ensemble ou séparés, je me souviendrai de toi!.  There are more fringe reviews on the way!

Our show from JULY 12th, 2012

Keep it cool mtl,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Friday, July 6, 2012

More MCC circus & fringe reviews

Dearest Montréal,

As promised, we are continuing our month-long coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque this week with another interview with a circus artist involved in the festival.

We chatted with Ursula Martinez, a guest from the UK company, La Soirée presenting a show of the same name.  Ursula is originally from Spain, and is all at once a writer, an actress and a cabaret performer.  She tells us about the inner workings of La Soirée and her “cult striptease act.”  You can still catch the show until July 15th, and if you need further persuasion there is an excellent promo video available at the MCC site.

In the second half hour of the show we begin to tackle our pile of Montréal Fringe dance show reviews.  Of course it is necessary to start off with a shout out to the shows some of us were involved in, Eeny Meeny Miny and Keep the car running.  Once that is out of the way Allison reviews Le Projet Migration, Sora and Ethereal Tribal.  J.D. joins in for a feisty discussion/review of Wolves and Selves, and the two of them finish off with a review Mangeons Pierrot.  We can’t wait to finish the list next week!

Our show from JULY 5th, 2012


Stay tuned,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Agora in 2012-2013

Hello beautiful and hot Montréal,

Agora's autuom 2012 season plans are out in detail, as well as the names and dates for 2013.  I suggest that you invest some time on their website to sift through descriptions and videos of upcoming works so that you do not miss out on something special.

As I have said before (and will probably say again) you can also check out this cool blog that I write for called Bloody Underrated for my perspective on the Agora season.

Keep cool Montréal,

Allison Burns

Monday, July 2, 2012

Montréal is Totally Circus!

Montréal you're a circus!

As we approach July, TOHU begins to buzz with the activity surrounding Montréal Complètement Cirque, a huge circus festival right in here in our circus crazy city.  The festival, which started in 2004, showcases and promotes a wide array of circus art forms from homegrown artists and companies from all around the world.  For the next three weeks we will be doing a Movement Museum Circus Special; covering, interviewing, and reviewing circus.

One of MCC’s strongest supporters, the contemporary circus company, Les 7 doigts de la main, is presenting a show this year.  Fittingly the company’s eighth show is titled Séquence 8.  Eric Bates, a cigar box juggler, joins us by phone to tell us about his skill, and the piece as a whole.

After the interview, Karen and J.D. take their time describing the 2012 edition of Piss in the Pool.  I felt like I’d seen it by the end of their thorough review.  This 8th edition of Piss in the Pool featured the choreographers Virginie Brunelle, Sarah-Eve Grant, Dana Michel, 2boystv, Dorion Nuskind-Odor, Hélène Messier, and Leila Gaudin (France).

Then Karen squeezes in her quick and extremely positive review of Mélanie Demers’ FTA show, Goodbye.  On that note… goodbye for now!

Our show from JUNE 28th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Karen Fennell and Jean-Daniel Papillon