Friday, July 13, 2012

…even more MMC and fringe!

Hello circus city,

As you may have predicted, this week features even more coverage of Montréal Complètement Cirque.  An incredible festival in tribute to the large and vibrant circus community here in Montréal, which features both local and international artists.

To start off the program, Petri Tuominen joins us on the phone for an interview.  Petri is a part of Race Horse Company, and they are presenting the show Petit Mal as a part of the festival.

Then, staying on theme, J.D. reviews a couple of MCC shows.  He starts with La Soirée, featuring last week’s guest Ursula Martinez.  Second, he reviews Undermän by Cirkus Cirkör, a show he gave us the description of during the last episode.

After that we move on to cover a few more Montréal Fringe dance shows. Allison and J.D. start by discussing Body Slam.  Then Allison reviews 4kg, Tuque et Capuche and Ensemble ou séparés, je me souviendrai de toi!.  There are more fringe reviews on the way!

Our show from JULY 12th, 2012

Keep it cool mtl,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and J.D. Papillon

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