Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of Movement Museum 2011

Hello friends,

This is the last episode of Movement Museum for the year 2011. Here we wrap up the year with a couple of excepts from our favourite episodes of 2011. The first is from the February 10th interview with the incredible Marie Chouinard. You’ll hear Zeke, Bettina and Jenn talk with her about her creation process, her solo career and her company. The second is our Danse à 10 interview from September 22nd, where Melina, Jenn and Kati discuss La 2em Port à Gauche's sold out production with three of the ladies involved.

Then Allison does a quick recap of the 2011 dance community highlights according to the Voir, Mirror and the Gazette. In the Voir article, L'avenir dans la mire, writer Fabienne Cabado sums up the year of dance in french, and includes a top five list. For the Mirror, Marites Carino writes Till the world ends, and tips his hat to some of 2011's pleasant surprises. Victor Swoboda contributes a thorough article to the gazette with Dance brings a year of surprise, grace and entertainment.

Our show from DECEMBER 29th, 2011


Happy New Year,

Allison Burns

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flashback Episode: Danse à 10

Hello Montreal,

This is an old episode from the vault, and actually one of our favorites. Guest co-host Melina Stinson is in studio with regular hosts Jenn and Kati. They interview three lovely ladies from La 2em Port à Gauche's sold out production of Danse à 10. You'll hear the voices of Miriah Brennan, Katya Montaignac and Miss Betty Wilde speaking about their experiences working on a show set in Kingdom, a Gentlemen's Club, and dealing with subjects of nudity and eroticism. They also get into a fascinating discussion about a stripper and a contemporary dancer virtually switching roles while meeting in the middle for this production.

Dance History this week takes the form of a biography of Paul Draper, an american tap dancer and choreographer.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2011



Take care,

Jenn Doan, Kati Belanger and Melina Stinson

Flashback Episode: Warming up and cooling down

Hello patient followers,

Here is a flashback to an August 2011 episode. Since we were coming back from the summer dance lul back in August, we dedicated a large portion of the show to previewing highlights of the 2011/12 dance season in with a little run down of what is to come. Kati has been assigned the Usine C, La Chapelle and the Agora de la danse seasons. Jenn talks about the Danse Danse season, and Allison highlights Les Escales Improbables de Montreal.

The dance history topic is on the famous Gene Kelly.

Then we dive into a general discussion about methods of warm up and cool down for dancers. Here Jenn references some very cool disciplines every dancer should check out for staying fitter longer, and lengthening their career.

Our show from AUGUST 25, 2011


Jenn Doan, Kati Belanger and Allison Burns

The Nutcracker Explained

Happy Holidays Montreal!

This week on the radio show we've dedicated the entire episode to discussing the Nutcracker. Kati calls in from Alberta and talks with Allison about the history of the production, alternative versions of the show that have popped up during its run, and its financial implications to dance companies in North America.

We also reference a few interesting articles about the Nutcracker. The first is 8 Ways to Better Enjoy the Nutcracker, from, which is fairly self explanatory. We also reference the Globe and Mail article, Still kicking at 120: the evolution of The Nutcracker, for insight into some of the variations of the show being performed across Canada this Christmas.

Our show from DECEMBER 22, 2011


Enjoy your holidays,
Allison Burns and Kati Belanger

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Last Rain

Good day Montreal,

For our December 15th episode we were graced with the presence of two members of the production team of Cirque Eloize's touring show "Rain." Allison and Kati interview Am
élie, the tour director and Stephie, the technical director for the show. Cirque Eloize has been around since 1993, and this particular production has been on display since it's creation in 2004, and has come to Montreal for its farewell performance. We talked to the girls about circus life with an 18 member troupe working on a production with an 8 year long run. (Learn more about Cirque Eloize)

This week Kati shares a dance history with us about Ethel Bruneau, a fantastic woman who has made tap dance history, and continues to teach it today. If you are a dance history buff, be sure to check out this amazing website that Kati mentions, Dance Collection Danse at

We go back to Kati once more for a review of "Utopia: Est-ce possible?" by the same Chad Dembski whom we interview two weeks ago.

Our show from DECEMBER 15, 2011


Enjoy the show and the snow Montreal,
Allison Burns and Kati Belanger

Saturday, December 10, 2011

So there's this film...

Hello Montreal!

On the radio last week we were fortunate to have two groups of guests. Claudelle Bilodeau and Jason Martin, two third year students from LADMMI came in to talk about their up-coming "cru d'automne" show. They will be dancing for Marc Boivin and Sasha Ivanochko along with their classmates. Claudelle and Jason let us in on the process of working with these two choreographers, and their experience with school.

Amy Blackmore and Vanessa Kneale came on the show to disscuss the dance film "So There's this Girl" which premiered last Monday, December 5th. Produced by Bis Films, the project was two years in the making. Amy shares her experience turning her stage choreography into a film, and as one of the stars Vanessa tells us about the shooting process.

Then we mixed it up and had the studio of dancers talk about the craft of creation, interpretation and the use of a rehearsal director.

Kati brought us an interesting and relevant dance history relating to Frederick Wiseman's "Crazy Horse" documentary.

Our show from DECEMBER 8th, 2011


Enjoy a dance-filled week!

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Involving Involved

Hello dance lovers,

We had a full studio for the December 1st show with Sasha Kleinplatz, Adriana Disman, Simon Portigal and Chad Dembski, all of whom were involved in the lastest studio 303 production "Involved." Sasha and Andrew Tay are the team behind Montreal's Wants & Needs danse, and curated this evening dedicated to pieces which involve audience participation. Adriana, Simon and Chad all contributed to the evening's lineup.
Chad also happens to be presenting his work "Utopia: Is it possible?" next week at 303, so Karen takes the time to discuss his upcoming work with him as well.

Plus, we had time to squeese in two show reviews. Allison reviews Junkyard/Paradis by the same Mélanie Demers we interviewed on the November 17th show. Then, Karen mentions the Pina Bausch show she travelled all the way to Ottawa to see (Bausch's 1995 work "Danzon" at the NAC).

Our show from DECEMBER 1st, 2011



Have a great week!

Allison Burns, Karen Fennell and Kati Belanger