Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of Movement Museum 2011

Hello friends,

This is the last episode of Movement Museum for the year 2011. Here we wrap up the year with a couple of excepts from our favourite episodes of 2011. The first is from the February 10th interview with the incredible Marie Chouinard. You’ll hear Zeke, Bettina and Jenn talk with her about her creation process, her solo career and her company. The second is our Danse à 10 interview from September 22nd, where Melina, Jenn and Kati discuss La 2em Port à Gauche's sold out production with three of the ladies involved.

Then Allison does a quick recap of the 2011 dance community highlights according to the Voir, Mirror and the Gazette. In the Voir article, L'avenir dans la mire, writer Fabienne Cabado sums up the year of dance in french, and includes a top five list. For the Mirror, Marites Carino writes Till the world ends, and tips his hat to some of 2011's pleasant surprises. Victor Swoboda contributes a thorough article to the gazette with Dance brings a year of surprise, grace and entertainment.

Our show from DECEMBER 29th, 2011


Happy New Year,

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