Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Nutcracker Explained

Happy Holidays Montreal!

This week on the radio show we've dedicated the entire episode to discussing the Nutcracker. Kati calls in from Alberta and talks with Allison about the history of the production, alternative versions of the show that have popped up during its run, and its financial implications to dance companies in North America.

We also reference a few interesting articles about the Nutcracker. The first is 8 Ways to Better Enjoy the Nutcracker, from, which is fairly self explanatory. We also reference the Globe and Mail article, Still kicking at 120: the evolution of The Nutcracker, for insight into some of the variations of the show being performed across Canada this Christmas.

Our show from DECEMBER 22, 2011


Enjoy your holidays,
Allison Burns and Kati Belanger

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