Thursday, December 8, 2011

Involving Involved

Hello dance lovers,

We had a full studio for the December 1st show with Sasha Kleinplatz, Adriana Disman, Simon Portigal and Chad Dembski, all of whom were involved in the lastest studio 303 production "Involved." Sasha and Andrew Tay are the team behind Montreal's Wants & Needs danse, and curated this evening dedicated to pieces which involve audience participation. Adriana, Simon and Chad all contributed to the evening's lineup.
Chad also happens to be presenting his work "Utopia: Is it possible?" next week at 303, so Karen takes the time to discuss his upcoming work with him as well.

Plus, we had time to squeese in two show reviews. Allison reviews Junkyard/Paradis by the same Mélanie Demers we interviewed on the November 17th show. Then, Karen mentions the Pina Bausch show she travelled all the way to Ottawa to see (Bausch's 1995 work "Danzon" at the NAC).

Our show from DECEMBER 1st, 2011



Have a great week!

Allison Burns, Karen Fennell and Kati Belanger

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