Thursday, November 3, 2011

of good moral character

Hello Montreal and beyond!

We had a fantastic show on the radio today. This episode was heartfelt and rich with artistic discussion. This week Jenn Doan interviewed up-and-coming dancer/choreographer, Lara Kramer about her new work "of good moral character" which premieres tonight, November 3rd at the MAI. They also discuss Lara's past work, "Fragments," her artistic background and her Ojibwa and Cree heritage. You can find more information about Lara and her work at

Our dance history this week was put together by Kati Belanger, and focuses on Gwynyth Evelyn Verdon (1925 - 2000). Gwynyth went from a child with rickets to woking with Bob Fosse.

Our show from NOVEMBER 3rd, 2011

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Allison Elizabeth Burns, Jenn Doan and Kati Belanger

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