Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flashback Episode: Danse à 10

Hello Montreal,

This is an old episode from the vault, and actually one of our favorites. Guest co-host Melina Stinson is in studio with regular hosts Jenn and Kati. They interview three lovely ladies from La 2em Port à Gauche's sold out production of Danse à 10. You'll hear the voices of Miriah Brennan, Katya Montaignac and Miss Betty Wilde speaking about their experiences working on a show set in Kingdom, a Gentlemen's Club, and dealing with subjects of nudity and eroticism. They also get into a fascinating discussion about a stripper and a contemporary dancer virtually switching roles while meeting in the middle for this production.

Dance History this week takes the form of a biography of Paul Draper, an american tap dancer and choreographer.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2011



Take care,

Jenn Doan, Kati Belanger and Melina Stinson

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