Saturday, December 10, 2011

So there's this film...

Hello Montreal!

On the radio last week we were fortunate to have two groups of guests. Claudelle Bilodeau and Jason Martin, two third year students from LADMMI came in to talk about their up-coming "cru d'automne" show. They will be dancing for Marc Boivin and Sasha Ivanochko along with their classmates. Claudelle and Jason let us in on the process of working with these two choreographers, and their experience with school.

Amy Blackmore and Vanessa Kneale came on the show to disscuss the dance film "So There's this Girl" which premiered last Monday, December 5th. Produced by Bis Films, the project was two years in the making. Amy shares her experience turning her stage choreography into a film, and as one of the stars Vanessa tells us about the shooting process.

Then we mixed it up and had the studio of dancers talk about the craft of creation, interpretation and the use of a rehearsal director.

Kati brought us an interesting and relevant dance history relating to Frederick Wiseman's "Crazy Horse" documentary.

Our show from DECEMBER 8th, 2011


Enjoy a dance-filled week!

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

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