Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flashback Episode: Warming up and cooling down

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Here is a flashback to an August 2011 episode. Since we were coming back from the summer dance lul back in August, we dedicated a large portion of the show to previewing highlights of the 2011/12 dance season in with a little run down of what is to come. Kati has been assigned the Usine C, La Chapelle and the Agora de la danse seasons. Jenn talks about the Danse Danse season, and Allison highlights Les Escales Improbables de Montreal.

The dance history topic is on the famous Gene Kelly.

Then we dive into a general discussion about methods of warm up and cool down for dancers. Here Jenn references some very cool disciplines every dancer should check out for staying fitter longer, and lengthening their career.

Our show from AUGUST 25, 2011


Jenn Doan, Kati Belanger and Allison Burns

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