Thursday, September 20, 2012

Manuel Roque & show reviews!

Dear Montréal,

This week we had a wonderful bilingual interview with Manuel Roque. Roque is the Choreographer and one of the performers in his new work Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde.  Tangente and festival Quartier Danses are presenting the piece this week.

After the break Jenn reviews Josée Gagnon’s Entre flamme et fumée.  Josée was a guest on our August 23rd episode, and is a voice and movement artist who presented this work in a yoga studio.

Then Allison and Jenn review Raoul, a unique production by the grandson of Charlie Chaplin, James Thierrée.

To come full circle back to festival Quartiers Danses, J.D. reviews the ups and downs of the festival showcase, An evening with emerging artists.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012


Take care,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan, and J.D. Papillon

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