Monday, October 1, 2012

Justin Gionet & Solitudes solo

Dear Montréal,

This week Jenn and J.D. interview Justin Gionet who performed in Daniel Léveillé Danse’s Solitudes solo at Agora over the weekend.  Justin tells us about his personal history, his experience working with Daniel Léveillé and the show.  The conversation takes a more general turn and a discussion about dance as a product evolves.

J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and Justin Gionet

Then J.D. reviews the very show we’ve been talking about.  He gives us a good idea of what Solitudes solo has to offer an audience.

Next up is dance news and dance calendar.  We cover the upcoming events Journées de la culture, Festival Phénomena (formerly Festival Voix d’Amériques), and Studio 7.  We also mention a couple call for submissions from Bouge d’ici and Vue sur la relève.

Our show from SEPTEMBER 27th, 2012


Until next week,

J.D. Papillon and Jenn Doan

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