Friday, March 9, 2012

Love, Death, Devil & Grandeur Nature

Hello dance lovers,

This week we split our show in two.  In the first half hour Jenn interviews Ben J. Riepe Kopaine, the choreographer of Love Death Devil – The Piece, presented at La Chapelle.  Benefiting from having seeing the show beforehand, Jenn gets right into the work with Ben.

For the second half hour we switch to French and Kati and Karen interview Séverine Lombardo, the choreographer of Petites Pieces de Poches:  Grandeur Nature.  This work was presented by Danse-cité at Usine C.  Also recent witnesses of the work, the ladies talk logistics as well as process.

We top off the show today with a super-fast “micro-review” of last week’s Tangente presentation of Spin & Century of Small.  To learn more about that show, reference last week’s episode of Movement Museum when we interview the artists involved.

Our show from MARCH 8th, 2012


Until next week Montréal,

Allison Burns, Kati Belanger, Jenn Doan and Karen Fennell

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