Thursday, June 14, 2012

Movement @ the 2012 Montréal Fringe Festival

Hello Montréal Dance Community!

It’s that time again for one of our favorite annual events, The St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival!  It’s the 22nd edition of the ever growing, never pretentious, multi-disciplinary festival.  Although you can see theater, music and visual arts at the Fringe, we are concentrating on the dance and movement related shows here on Movement Museum.  This week and next the studio will be filled with artists who are presenting dance, movement pieces, physical theater, clown shows etc. as a part of the festival.

In this episode Jenn and Allison facilitate a conversation between fourteen of these artists.  We ask them why they chose to present their shows at Fringe, discover the inspiration behind each project and the allure of the end results.  The companies throw out their pitches, and their personal show recommendations.

  • We talk with Greg “Krypto” Selinger and two of his collaborators Travis and Vincent, from the multi-disciplinary show Body Slam.  This will be year two for Body Slam, which walked away with a couple of awards last Fringe.
  • Colin Munch and Caitlyn tell us about the comedy, Callaghan! by Sex T-Rex. This troupe of five performers incorporates physical theater and a dance scene choreographed by Robin Henderson into the show.
  • Choreographer Gelymar Sanchez talks about Mangeons Pierrot a work she co-created with fellow UQAM graduate Karine Theoret.
  • Next Christine Germain, Slater Penney and Maria Candelaria tell us the real life story behind Le Projet Migration.  It is sweet, political and intriguing.
  • Sebastien Heins tells us about his third of the show The UPSHOT, a unique “Hip Hopera.”
  • Jean-Daniel Papillon tells us about two shows he is involved in.  The first, Corps Chorus’ Keep the Car Running, was choreographed by Cassandre Lescarbeau, and had its fringe debut last year in Saguenay.
  • JD is also representing Eeny, Meeny, Miny, a co-production between (Correspondence) and Confabulation.  The show is a life-sized card game for a troupe of six dancers, and a new storyteller every night.  It revolves around childhood memories and behaviors and involves social drinking.  I should probably also mention that I - Allison Burns - happen to be dancing in the show.
  • Our friend Yanomi and her collaborators return from Japan to tell us about their new show, My Exploding Family.  The show promises comical movement theater, and bypasses any language barrier.

Tune in next week for more Fringe coverage.  Have a happy Fringe!

Our show from JUNE 14th, 2012

Take care,

Allison Burns and Jenn Doan

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