Saturday, November 10, 2012

Angelique A'llure & Reviews

Dear Montréal,

The Movement Museum team has been busy running around to see dance shows, and as a result we have plenty of reviews for your listening pleasure this week. We start with Les mêmes yeux que toi by Anne Plamondon, which was presented by Agora this weekend. J.D. and Allison talk about their perspectives on the show, and we play a snippet of the sound track from the production.

Anne Plamondon, photo credit: Michael Slobodian

Next Karen gives us a detailed review of Usually Beauty Fails by Frédérick Gravel / GAG presented by Danse Danse. We also talk about Frédérick Gravel’s work in general, and what kind of artist he is.

In the second half of the show we spoke on the phone with Angelique A'llure, a performer with Acme Burlesque. She is a singer and burlesque performer who recently traveled to Montréal all the way from Australia.

Seska Lee presents Acme Burlesque 

After our interview we have time for one more review. J.D. and Allison talk about the rock and roll contemporary dance show, Political Mother by the Hofesh Shecter Company. The show was also a Danse Danse production. You can see Allison’s written review of the piece on the Bloody Underrated website.

Political Mother by the Hofesh Shechter Company - Danse Dance

Stay tuned for next week’s show, we have some pretty big news to announce!

Our show from NOVEMBER 8th, 2012


Bye for now,

Allison Burns, J.D. Papillon, Jenn Doan and Karen Fennell

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