Monday, April 30, 2012

Muriva Dance, Muriva chats


This week on the radio we have Gibson Muriva on to tell us about his show, Nyau.  Gibson runs the Muriva Dance Company here in Montreal. He teaches classes, dances and choreographs while blending, African, contemporary and classical dance forms into his own, unique style. Not only do we chat a bit about all of this, his creation process and his background, but Gibson also brought his thumb piano from Zimbabwe and plays a bit of music for us, live. The show he is presenting this week is a part of the Festival Vue sur la Relève.

Next, Allison reviews the triple bill, Yaado, Voodoo and Love, which was presented at Tangente in late February.  If you remember, we interviewed the artists who presented this trilogy of works, Nora Chipaumire and Souleymane Badolo, during our February 23rd episode.

Our show from APRIL 12th, 2012


Until next week!

Allison Burns and Jenn Doan