Friday, April 27, 2012

inLayers, ranting & upcoming shows

Hello Montréal,

You may have noticed that Jenn took a bit of a break from the show a little while ago.  Well she was off to Calgary to produce and perform in a project called inLayers.  This week we take a moment to talk to Jenn about her experience with this social media influenced creation process designed to bring a new, wider audience to the art of contemporary dance.

Kati will be the next one to take a break, but she unloads some important dance industry news on us before she goes.  She gave us a sneak peek at the OFFTA line up (to be released in full on May 3rd).   She gives us more to be excited about when she divulges some names of the Danse Danse artists in residence for 2012/13.  Then we discuss everyone’s favorite topic, the federal budget’s treatment towards art and dance.  Kati lets us in on some facts, but you’ll hear all three of us give our onions on the subject.

That’s one part of the “rant” mentioned in the title of this episode, the other is when Jenn and Allison tag team a review of Lucy lost her heart, created by last week’s guest Mark Lawes.  The show was presented March 28th-30th at Usine C.

Finally Allison ends the episode with a long overdue review of Dominique Porte’s JE, which was presented by Tangente back in early February.

Our show from APRIL 5th, 2012


Until we meet again,

Allison Burns, Jenn Doan and Kati Belanger