Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tedi Tafel and Les Filles Follen

Hello Montreal,

This week we are fortunate enough to have two interviews in a single hour! For the first half of the show Kati talks to Tedi Tafel about her sight-specific work, and her production of Janvier which is currently showing at Rose de Lima with the help of Studio 303 (tell me more). Tedi also mentions the website where you can learn more about her year long Calendar Project.

Kati talks about the brave and groundbreaking Raven Wilkinson for this weeks segment of Dance History.

In the second half hour we interview two charming ladies from Spain, Les Filles Follen about there show at La Elastica, Entrance with Charge - Two Girls Smoke a Cigarette in Only 30 Seconds. (learn more)

Our show from JANUARY 19th, 2012


Until next week,

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

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