Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bouge D'ici 2012

Hello Montreal!

This week we focus on the Bouge D'ici Dance Festival, running from January 13th-21st, 2012 at MainLine Theater. The non-profit organization is concerned with giving emerging dance artists a venue to produce their work in a professional setting, and facilitating the creation of a diverse dance community in Montreal. During the festival, there are workshops, dance shows, a film night and a story telling event.

Kati and Allison talk with Amy Blackmore, the Artistic Director, Paul Aflalo, the Communications Director, and a member of the planning comity, Stephanie Robert who is telling a story at Confabulation: Just dance, and presenting a video in the Film Night, and Michele Slattery one of the choreographers for the Common Space Showcase. Check it out in more detail on Facebook.

Kati brings us a dance history focusing a different dance festival, the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, which is unfortunately no longer in existence. If you are curious about what happened to it, Kati will satisfy that curiosity in the show this week.

Our show from
JANUARY 12th, 2012


Until next week,

Allison Burns, and Kati Belanger

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