Friday, October 15, 2010

Episode 82: Bradley Michaud, Method Contemporary Dance


Our show from October 14, 2010
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Movement Museum a radio show broadcast Thursdays at 14h on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, co-hosts Chris 'Zeke' Hand, Jenn Doan and Bettina Forget talk about dance in Montreal. In this show Chris 'Zeke' Hand, Bettina Forget and Jenn Doan talk to Bradley Michaud of Method Contemporary Dance about his practice.

The theme song is the Bette Midler's version of Do You Want to Dance, the dance poem of the week is Dancer, How Do You Dare? by Norma Farber, and the music played during the show is by Anna Webber.


Jenn Doan, Bettina Forget and Chris 'Zeke' Hand

[The choral version of Dancer, How Do You Dare? written is by Daniel Pinkham and performed by the Wall Choir, conducted by F. W. Wilson. And contrary to what was said during the show, Third Floor People, the debut album of Anna Webber, will be released on Nowt Records on October 22, 2010.]