Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching up with Victor Quijada


While his summer hasn't been as lucrative as Édouard Lock's spring it has been busy, and not so bad fiscally, either.

I'm certain that there are other reviews about Rubberbandance's summer tour - but these are the one's that I came across.

Preview and Review by Susan Broili in the Durham Herald Sun. Killer quote: ...every once in a while, a great talent appears with something so creative and innovative you wonder how anyone dreams it up, much less makes it work...Choreographer Victor Quijada is such a talent.

Byron Woods of Indyweek doing a Preview and an Interview. Killer Quote: ...you're totally immersed in the world of the performance...

Review by Roy C. Dicks at the News Observer. Killer Quote: Quijada's style is arresting and definitely worth taking in...

Kate Dobbs Ariail writes a review in the Classical Voice of North Carolina. Killer Quote: ...every year there is at least one company you’ve never heard of from some unlikely place doing something that sounds like it could be terrible — and it turns out to be marvelous. This year it is RUBBERBANDance Group from Montreal...

Julie Potter of the San Francisco Examiner gets all scientific in her review. Killer Quote: Sliding in socks, energy waves fluidly from one dancer to another. I am swept into the vortex and taken for a ride.

And then he finished the summer with a flourish, winning a $25,000 Princess Grace Award [pdf alert] so that he could choreograph something for the Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago next month.