Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toronto's National Ballet School celebrates International Dance Day


Apparently it is a law in Toronto that if you go to the mall you absolutely must bring your video camera with you. Back at the end of April, the National Ballet School over there decided that they were going to organize something they call a Flash Mob (I would strongly disagree with their definition, but I digress) to do a dance in public at the Eaton Centre in order to raise public awareness about International Dance Day. Cool enough, if not terribly original, but what elevates this particular event, is that if you go trolling for it on YouTube, there are nine (9) completely different videos of the same thing. Talk about gaining a different perspective!!

The Official We Want this to be Viral Video done by the National Ballet School

chyrells' video of the rehearsal

SimTripps Video

Evvve91's Video

yadosoara's video

awaismonkey's video

HumanArchive's Video

aliciajones1569's video

mailme408's video

And I might have missed a couple as well, but there is only so much Feist I can take in one day.