Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Layers

Welcome back!

Here is the first episode of Movement Museum for the year 2012! This week Allison and Karen talk to Jenn Doan and Taryn Javier who are in Calgary working on In Layers, a dance project described as raw, live and interactive. Jenn is head of production, and one of the dancers involved in the work, and Taryn, while also producing, is the choreographer and artistic director of the project.

Although the rehearsals and performances are occurring in Calgary, the creation process will be displayed online for curious dance enthusiasts, and the layman alike. They will be posting videos throughout the process, and interacting with fans, peers and each other through the blog. Stay tuned to to be a part of it all!

For dance history, Allison puts the spotlight on Ted Shawn, an important figure in the history of Modern Dance.

Our show from JANUARY 5th, 2012



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Allison Burns and Karen Fennell

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